Summary Proceedings, Evictions & Landlord Tenant Matters

The Town Court has jurisdiction over landlord/tenant proceedings for non-payment of rent, evictions, holdovers, and to compel repairs.  The monetary jurisdiction is unlimited. The property must be located in the Town of Stillwater.

Please contact the court directly at 518.664.6148 x208 for specific dates and times.

There is a $20 filing fee for evictions.

The town court does not provide summary proceeding forms. You can download the form here.

Please note that the court clerks are not attorneys and cannot provide any legal advice. As such, the Court cannot provide guidance to Landlords seeking to evict Tenants. Additionally, the Court cannot dispense advice to Tenants who have been served with a Notice of Eviction. Please contact an attorney to address these matters of law and represent your individual interests. 

Summary Proceedings Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


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